As an anti-aging skin care specialist, I feel compelled to stay young and healthy looking. This is good business for me. I love sharing all the wonderful things that I learn with people who also care about healthy living.

I’d like to share with you a few anti-aging tips that I believe are important to fighting the appearance of aging.

The easiest and most sensible thing that anyone can do is use sunscreen. It’s the only true anti-aging product. All the other products are simply damage control. Exposure to the sun not only can speed-up the aging process of your skin, but it can also lead to costly and life-threatening health problems, like basal cell carcinoma and melanoma skin cancers.

Exercise is another way that you can combat the aging process of your skin. There are ways that you can accomplish this that are easier and less stressful than the traditional types of exercise that are common. You can actually trick your body into thinking that it’s exercising. Once a week I visit a super-hot sauna called a Russian banya that combines high heat and steam. This is the best way to detoxify the body and lose or maintain body weight without going to the gym every day. You can also combine the high heat with a cold plunge pool. This will increase your heart rate and exercise your circulatory system, which benefits your skin. This gives your body the benefits of a five mile run without the stress on your heart and joints.

Another thing that you can do to strengthen your circulatory system is to use a dry brush on your skin several times a week. Gently brushing the surface of the skin with a boar’s hair and copper brush removes dead skin and stimulates the millions of cells and capillaries. This not only improves your circulation, but also reduces the appearance of cellulite by stimulating the lymphatic system.

I highly encourage you to try these anti-aging skincare tips. They aren’t expensive or time-consuming, but require regular attention and diligence.