Skincare Education

Skincare Education

In our society, you see advertisements all over television, magazines, newspapers, and websites, all promising a more youthful appearance. They cater to our search for the fountain of youth. In addition, we receive advice from family and friends about the latest and greatest product or procedure that will take years off of our appearance.

Educating ourselves about what we apply on our skin is important. One of the most popular products that we see today in topical skincare is vitamin infused cleansers, serums and moisturizers. Vitamins are not equally created. How deep the product penetrates into the skin must be considered. These two important factors are related to the quality of the ingredients which can impact their effectiveness. Clinical studies show that utilizing a specific and active part of a vitamin source makes an incredible difference on the effectiveness of the ingredients. The delivery system that carries these nutrients to the live cells of the dermis is a key in feeding the skin externally. A big problem is that most vitamins are only penetrating the outermost levels of the skin. The skin is the body’s largest organ. One of its purposes is to protect the rest of our organs. When vitamins are trapped in the outer layers, they are perceived to be foreign invaders and can cause inflammation and increase the free radical damage that causes skin to age.

Educating ourselves about how we apply products to our skin is just as important. The over exfoliation of the skin can be problematic. We all want smoother skin for that glowing healthy complexion to reduce the appearance of our pores. Microdermabrasion, scrubs and brushes are commonly used to achieve healthier looking skin. A colleague once said to me, “no pain no gain” in regards to microdermabrasion treatments. This is a dangerous and unhealthy perspective. Microdermabrasion is meant to be a progressive, not aggressive, treatment. Crystal and diamond tip types of microdermabrasion can cause microscopic lacerations on the skin. Having thousands of microscopic lesions on our skin can cause a breach in our immune system, which makes us more susceptible to germs and viruses that are all around us.

One of the most important things I can do for my clients is to educate them on the best practices to keep their skin healthy. I educate them about aging from the appearance on the outside and the structural health building from the inside. The care of your skin requires consistency from both sides. This is the key to looking younger and but feeling younger.

One last reminder about caring for your skin; the appropriate sunblock is your only true anti-aging product throughout the year. All other products are simply damage control.


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